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The Community of Bayside in Airdrie | A Great Place to Live!

-Written by Justin Wiechnik

As the Airdrie population has roughly doubled in the past decade, Airdrie has been fortunate to have the amazing community of Bayside come to life. Situated in South West Airdrie you can cruise to downtown Calgary in 25 minutes from Bayside, and you’re about 10 minutes away from Crossiron Mills shopping centre. This is all great, however the true advantage of living in Bayside Airdrie is the community itself, nestled along the water canals with pathways sprinkled throughout, it’s truly one of the best places to live in Airdrie. 

-Photo by Jeremy Obery

A community that is strong with families who enjoy spending time outdoors, you will find Baysider’s skating along the canals in the winter, and kayaking in their backyards in the summer. You’ll even find some people fishing for Carp in their backyard, I mean why not cast a line for fun and sit in the sun from your dock right? 

I am a Baysider and as a local Airdrie Realtor® I can confirm that living in Bayside is more than just a place to buy a great home. Bayside offers a lifestyle that other Airdrie communities do not have, it’s for people who truly love the outdoors and want to live near water. As an Airdrie real estate agent, I tell my clients that they need to consider three factors when buying a home. Typically, when buying a home people put most of their focus on the house itself, though this is important to have the right physical house, it’s only 1/3 of what you’re buying. You’re also buying a piece of land/yard and you’re buying in to a community. Now this is why I find Bayside to be such a great place to live, it’s not just a beautiful house you can attain here, you’re also getting the other 2/3’s of what you need when buying a home, the land and community. 

In Bayside you can find standard lots (400-500 SqM) similar to other new communities in Airdrie, but more importantly the community is built along the Airdrie canals which naturally offer unique lots that back right on to the water. Depending on what side of the water you are on, some people actually own land right up to or in some cases into the water. 

Now if you’ve never heard of waterfront living in Airdrie then this is probably a surprise to you as it is to many people who are considering relocating to Airdrie from the hustle and bustle of Calgary. When you’re moving to Airdrie from Calgary or another city, you must consider what community, what type of land and what type of house you want to live in. Collectively nailing this criterion, you will find an option anywhere in Airdrie that suits your needs. If you want a large pie lot (we love ours!) or if you’re looking for something on the water so you can crack a beer after work on your dock, then Bayside has these exclusive options. 

Living in Bayside Airdrie we have been fortunate to realize that we hit the jackpot in terms of the quality of life we receive simply from our neighbours being so great. In the summer our cul de sac is filled with kids drawing with chalk on the pavement or playing street hockey. It’s a bustling atmosphere where everyone is outside, always friendly and we look out for each other. I trust all of my neighbours and I think we are fortunate to live in such a wonderful community, the Bayside annual Block Party attests to this each year. If you’re passing through Bayside Airdrie in the winter, you’ll see the canals plowed with skating rinks and packed full of kids and adults skating. What’s more Canadian than that! If you’re cold then no worries, just spark the ice side fire pit to warm up and sip some hot chocolate. How cool is that in your backyard, and in Airdrie! Wait, Bayside is only 25 minutes to downtown too right? –Yep!

-Photo by Jeremy Obery

If you’re a dog lover, then Bayside is great for the pathways that twist and wind along the Airdrie canals. Being able to go for a walk in the sun along the water is a much better experience than a standard sidewalk that most communities offer. 

Bayside clearly has a lot to offer in terms of the land options and the quality of the community and we haven’t even discussed how great the houses are! There are a number of home builders in Airdrie, the two current builders who are developing Bayside Estates are Genesis and McKee Homes. I won’t speak to the quality of either or get into comparing them because in my opinion as a local Airdrie real estate agent, they are both great home builders. My family lives in a McKee Home and we absolutely love it. My brother also lives in Bayside, in a Genesis home, and loves his home. As local Bayside Realtors®, Erica and I try to view every single active home that is on the market in Bayside, and we pride ourselves in being known as local Bayside resident real estate experts. We wouldn’t want it any other way because we’re here to stay and we want everyone to know how amazing Bayside is. Additionally, we pride ourselves on knowing how the Bayside real estate market is performing, we want all of our neighbours to know that we always have our fingers on the pulse, it’s important to us! 

You can live in a Bayside detached home for under $400,000 or you can be on the upper end over $800,000. Living in Bayside is for everyone at all price ranges, the community is built to accommodate a variety of quality levels and styles of homes. This is perhaps one of my favourite things about Bayside, you can attain a high quality of life and it doesn’t need to break the bank!

Bayside offers a business district as well with a nice variety of options from Taco’s & Tequila Mexican, Sorso Wine Bar & Lounge, 7/11, Petro Canada, as well as a medical clinic, massage, physio, banking etc. Sorso is undisputedly the most popular place in Airdrie to grab a coffee during the day or a pint in the evening, including live music on Saturdays and Open Mic Nights on Sundays. In the summer the Sorso patio is bustling with sun seekers and smiling Baysider’s. 

Bayside is a robust community, with great lots that have beautiful homes on them. If you’re considering a move to Airdrie, you should definitely consider Bayside. If you’re still not convinced that it is for you then give us a call, let’s walk the canals and let us show you in person why this is a wonderful place to live. If Bayside isn’t for you then Airdrie will have other great options as well, no wonder this city has doubled in population in the past decade! 

-Photo by Jeremy Obery

-Photo by Jeremy Obery


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